The Intex Cloud FX aims to bring base level smartphone functionality to the millions of Indian mobile phone users stuck on feature phones.

But what was interesting when looking at the detailed technical specifications of the Intex Cloud FX was how similar they were to those of the original Apple iPhone launched back in 2007.

For instance, both phones boast of 128MB of onboard RAM and sport 3.5-inch capacitive touch screens. The resolution of the two displays is identical at 320 by 480px and the actual dimensions of the phone cases match almost to the millimeter.

Where the two phones differ substantially is on processor speed and internal flash memory. On the processor side, the iPhone 1 had 412 MHz Samsung ARM 11 (underclocked from 412 MHz) while the Intex Cloud FX has a speedier 1 GHz processor from Chinese chipmaker Spreadtrum. This seems to be a an example of Moore’s Law in practice.

However the base-level iPhone 1 bounces back with its 4GB of internal storage, compared with the paltry 46MB available on the Cloud FX. The simple reason is that flash prices haven’t fallen as quickly as processors have sped up.

Otherwise is the similarity of the specs and sensors a coincidence or deliberate? One suspects that there is an element of deliberation in the specs for the Cloud FX, the iPhone set a new benchmark when it launched 7 years ago, and it seems Mozilla and Spreadtrum has used this as the starting point for the new breed of supercheap smartphones and their processors.

See more detailed comparison table below…

iPhone 1 tech specs vs Intex Cloud FX tech specs

  iPhone 1 (2007) Intex Cloud FX (2014)
Price £499 £19.90
RAM 128MB 128MB
Processor 412MHz Samsung ARM 11 1GHz Spreadtrum 6821
Screen Size 3.5-inch 3.5-inch
Screen resolution 320 x 480px 320 x 480px
Dimensions (mm) 115 x 61 x 11.6 115.9 x 62 x 11.8
Weight 135 grammes 104 grammes
Camera (primary) 2MP 2MP
Camera (secondary) No No
3G No No
WiFi Yes Yes
Proximity sensor Yes Yes
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Compass No No