Netflix today announced that they will be looking to provide all their subscribers with the same content around the world.

Due to geographical agreements with film studios and TV companies, users in other countries aren’t able access the same content. There’s always something that people are missing out on with these restrictions in place. Brits can’t watch Friends and the Yanks miss out on Breaking Bad. 

Subscribers are thherefore made to find digital workarounds in the form of VPN apps. These apps work by hiding the user’s actual location and tricking the service into thinking they’re based in the country the service is available.

A uniform Netflix service is quite likely to be a while away. In the meantime, here are a few select VPN apps you can try to access the US version of Netflix.

1) Hola Free VPN

Available on: Android and iOS

Hola is one of the easiest VPN services to use, granting you quick access to geoblocked content to switch countries with minimum fuss. 

Open the app, select Netflix from the drop down list and voila! US Netflix at your fingertips. 

2) Hotspot Shield VPN 

Available on: iOS and Android

An excellent VPN app that has been featured in Forbes, CNET, CNN and the New York Times. It offers access to wide range of blocked and censored websites and apps, protecting your identity online and preventing malware attacks while you browse. 

The only downsides are that the free version offers a limited amount of bandwidth and forces you to put up with annoying ads. Upgrading to the paid version costs just under £20 a year. 

3) VPN Master

Available on: Android

Fast, smooth and easy to use. This app allows you to access sites with a single tap. VPN Master has a clean interface and allows you to change server locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. 


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