Apple has announced a host of new gorgeous gadgets including the iPhone 6s and the massive iPad Pro, but not everybody on the Internet is too impressed by the news.

Group CEO Tim Cook took to the stage yesterday in front of hundreds of eager Apple fans to declare: “Today, we have the biggest news in iPad since the iPad”. The boss went on to discuss the new iPad Pro (complete with Apple Pencil), iPhone and Apple TV.

Read on as we take a look at the Internet’s, er, mixed reaction to Apple’s new phones and tablet.

The Good

It goes without saying that Apple produces some of the most desirable products on the planet, so the latest announcements to come out of the convention centre have gone down well with consumers for the most part.

3DTouch is looking like one of the most popular editions to Apple’s new iPhone, allowing users to interact in more ways than ever with the content that they love the most. A lighter tap on homescreen icons, for example, brings up a list of shortcuts and commands.


Above: The iPad pro.

Reddit /r/Apple user ImKuya gave Apple the thumbs up for its newest tablet, commenting: “The iPad pro is insanely powerful when you factor in how thin it is”. Fellow tech fanatic Zenith added: “The iPad Pro is insane. Can’t wait to get my hands on it”.

Elsewhere, ColsonIRL complemented Apple on its new iPhone upgrade program, which ultimately means customers can grab themselves a new phone every year for a discount. He wrote: “It’s like buying a new iPhone every two years, plus $118, except you get a new iPhone every single year. It looks like a good deal”.

Writing for technology news and reviews website Alphr, David Court said: “There’s so much to like about the new iPad Pro: the size and power, plus the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil”.

“Simply put, the iPhone 6s has evolved nicely”.

On the new iPhone 6s, he reported: “Apple’s “S” smartphone has always been a smartphone that keeps the iPhone relevant via evolution rather than revolution. And, simply put, the iPhone 6s has evolved nicely”.

The team over at The Verge seem pretty pleased with the iPad Pro too, with Lauren Goode writing: “I can tell you that the $99, all-white stylus felt light in the hand when I used it to scribble in Notes and draw on a picture in Apple’s native Mail app. When I used the Pencil at an angle, I was able to alter the boldness of my writing or shade just as you would with an actual writing utensil. It also felt fast, unlike some styluses that suffer from latency issues”.

The Bad

We were surprised to find that the negative comments on Apple’s new arrivals (on Reddit, at least) far out-weighed the positive, with opinions coming from both sides of the Apple and Android communities.

Base storage for the iPhone 6s arrives at 16GB and for many people this isn’t good enough when you factor in the gadget’s 4K video capability. Reddit’s James_d21 joked: “Ooh I’ll take a 4K video.. and my phone is full”, whilst Chocoboi added: “Can’t wait to try 4K video recording on my 16 GIG iPhone 6s!”

“Ooh I’ll take a 4K video.. and my phone is full”.

The highest-rated comment on the post-keynote reaction thread over on Reddit simply reads: “16GB.. really?” At the time of writing, the comment has been upvoted over 700 times, which we think speaks volumes about the communities thoughts on the presser.


Oh look, iPhone’s!

Of course, online storage will go some way to preventing users from running out of space on their phones, but it’s a workaround that not everybody wants to be forced to use.

EmergentBehaviour noted: “16GB is too small for phones nowadays. The OS will take a couple, followed by apps and pictures / videos. Seems like a ploy to get people to spend more for the 64GB”.

Some Internet peeps seem to have an issue with the ways in which Apple is using the biggest tablet screen its ever made. Mangoman13 wrote:”[Apple] are only letting you fit 20 apps on a huge 12.9-inch screen. I can’t for the life of me understand this. In addition, you still can’t move them where you’d like on a ‘Pro’ device”.

The Ugly

When it comes to moaning about Apple keynotes, some Internet folk hold nothing back. Admittedly, it makes for fun reading, but we’ve seen some comments over on the forums that have left us cowering in fear. It turns out some people are angry.

According to Apple, the iPad Pro is the ‘most capable and powerful iPad’ the tech juggernaut has ever created, but that isn’t enough for everyone.


‘Hang on, honey, I’m just charging my pencil!’

Reddit user Megazor moaned online: “The iPad “Pro” is a joke. 32 GB of storage/2 GB of ram for the same price of a Surface Pro with and i5/8GB/128 SSD. Also it lacks and file system and ports like full USB/microSD. Disgusting.

“The iPad Pro is a joke”.

Android forum member R3pwn-dev joined the party, adding: “Also, $99 for a freaking stylus”.

Apple’s stylus has been the butt of plenty of jokes online, especially considering previous Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously mocked the idea of using one. Reddit’s Nickp1991 wrote: “This year – Apple Pencil. Next year – Apple Pencil 2. Year after – Apple Pencil pro”.

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