What is it?

The Sammy Screamer is a motion detector device that you can attach to any of your movable much loved possessions from bags and purses to pets and children.

Sammy Screamer sends an alert to your smartphone to let you know when it has been moved. Not just moved a step or two but moved out of a range set by you.

What They Say


Sammy Screamer’s Kickstarter page does well to answer the question what would I possibly do with one of these? Examples included sticking the Sammy Screamer to doors for security purposes, fridge doors and biscuit tin lids to keep those on a diet we presume at bay and even onto your kid’s pushchair which in theory makes sense but leaves us wondering why you may leave your child unattended in a place you’d be worried they could be wheeled away.

Created by London based BleepBleeps, the page lists the Sammy Screamer’s functions as:

  • Movement sensor with audible alarm
  • Magnetised back and loop fixing
  • Push notification to your smartphone
  • Bluetooth LE – up to 50 meter range
  • Adjustable settings on the BleepBleeps app

All this fit into a simple and fun design.

The campaign was online for 30 days from 5th February and when it closed last Friday (7th March) it had raised more than 4 times it’s target of $20,000 (£12,000).

What We Say

The Sammy Screamer is what we love about the best Kickstarter ideas, it’s simple but incredibly effective.

It’s no surprise the project has done so well and raised in excess of $90,000 (£54,000) as it’s a product that everyone can get a different use from.

Most of us here don’t have kids to tag with the Sammy Screamer but it’d be pretty helpful when taking out the dogs, or when a new piece of tech arrives in the office and we need to make sure it doesn’t go too far.

In fact, I’m sure our editor wouldn’t mind some of us carrying one when we disappear on mysterious out of office meetings.

The success of the Sammy Screamer’s first outing will hopefully lead to more iterations and improvements made on the original as the only problem we have with the device so far is its Bluetooth range of only 50 metres.

The Sammy Screamer Kickstarter page is now closed to potential backers but you can pre-order one through their site.

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