What is it?

Hailing from Glasgow Scotland, the Lupo is a Bluetooth finder with a very special added feature. Not only will it find and track your devices via Bluetooth 4.0 but it can even control these devices too.

Through pairing the Lupo with its accompanying app you can control your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. Lupo plan to launch a smartphone camera app and aim to launch more apps in partnership with developers in the future to expand functionality.

What they say

With the vast amount of Bluetooth finders already available, Lupo were always going to have a task on their hands separating their device from the rest. Lupo starts early by talking up its use as a security tool.

Its Kickstarter page does sound awfully familiar if you’ve seen more than one Bluetooth finder on Kickstarter before, where the page really becomes interesting is where it gets into its ability to control other devices.

When discussing its control capabilities the page describes some of the things you can control with the Lupo as:

  • Control music: You could make Lupo into a remote controller for music, including use of gesture control to change tracks/ music volume.
  • Games: You could turn Lupo into a Bluetooth joystick for mobile gaming, making use of the button and accelerometer features to control game elements. Imagine playing Ironman-3 on your iPad with Lupo!
  • Wireless mouse: You could turn Lupo into a point-and-click mouse, using Lupo’s motion sensors to control cursor movement, and the device button to click open or close menu items.
  • Contextual apps: You could use Lupo to create apps for venues or events that would display custom messages on smartphones that come within range of a strategically positioned Lupo.

Lupo also comes with a software developers kit so those with the knowhow can get even more out of their device. Hopefully this leads to collaboration and even more functionality from the Lupo in future.

Currently with 304 backers, the Lupo has raised £14,587 of its £20,000 target and has 10 days to go (figures current as of 20 March 2014). A pledge of £1 is minimum but backers who pledge £18 or more are rewarded with an early bird Lupo device at a cut price and the highest backers who pledge £2,800 or more will be given a set of 6 custom Lupo devices made to display a special message on their paired devices.

What we say

By now you’ve probably figured out we quite like our Bluetooth finders. We’ve had a couple featured on the site before and more than one in previous Kickstarter of the weeks.

So why aren’t we bored with this one? The finding your device option is cool, but not really what captures our interest. What we like is the ability to control your device, not just find it.

Features like the Lupo alerting you when you are out of range of your items have been seen before (remember last week’s Sammy Screamer?). Also its ability to track your items has been seen before (we’re looking at you Pebblebee), however the ability to tell your computer, tablet or phone what to do is what is special here.

How many times have you stepped out the front door before realising you left your computer on? Well the Lupo can help with that. Being able to remotely control Bluetooth enabled devices opens up a whole new world of use for this Bluetooth finder and that’s why we hope the Lupo will be a success.


There’s still time to get involved with Lupo by checking out their Kickstarter page

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