Auxo 2, one of the most highly anticipated app-switching tweaks, is on the way. We spoke to the creator about what to expect.

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With the original Auxo releasing long before iOS 7 arrived, we've been patiently waiting for more information on Auxo 2 to surface.

Auxo is, in simple terms, an app-switching tweak which adds custom gesture support and music toggles, and this year's Auxo 2 looks ready to build on the functionality of its predecessor.

We spoke to one of the minds behind Auxo 2, Newar Choukeir, who is also known online as 'Sentry'.

The tweak developer and founder of jailbreaking group A3tweaks told us how the Auxo 2 project is shaping up.

We've been teased by the Auxo folk with some cropped screenshots, but the full Auxo 2 app experience is yet to be unveiled.

The original Auxo tweak was inspired from clear problems in Apple's default app-switcher, Newar told Phonecruncher.

He said: "One of the most obvious limitations is the access method [of the old app switcher]. Constantly deferring to a double click of the home button is something I think most people can agree on as being a tedious and often unreliable access method".

"Other limitations include the lack of precision and speed in app switching. Getting from A to B needs many input actions from the user on iOS 7, argubly more so than in iOS 6".

The designer, who has worked on numerous other iOS tweaks, explained to Phonecruncher the importance of keeping Auxo as accessible and clean as possible.

He told us: "Interaction has to feel intuitive and natural, otherwise you can easily end up forcing the user to over-think how something is supposed to work".

It was a real challenge getting Auxo off the ground.

Whilst some features will be recognisable from the original Auxo tweak, Newar told us that Auxo 2 aims to serve as a 'spiritual sucessor' to the original release, rather than 'a simple upgrade or port'.

"The goal is to take the essence of what made the first Auxo appealing to begin with, and apply it to this new world paradigm and set of problems that iOS 7 presents".

Newar demonstrates an early build of Auxo 2 via his Vine page.

Newar added: "Auxo 2 will be a robust feature-full package with many configuration options including Zephyr-like edge swiping capabilities and single-input quick app switching".

Creating and perfecting the many features found in Auxo 2 certainly hasn't been an easy job.

Concept designs for the tweak were put together by Newar shortly after iOS 7's reveal at WWDC, with development starting a month or so after Apple's OS was jailbroken.

"It was a real challenge getting [Auxo 2] off the ground, but at this point the biggest hurdles are development-related. They're being tackled entirely by the talented developer behind the project, QusicS. It’s a slow and tedious process, but the outcomes are definitely worth the effort put into all of the fine-tuning".

Rumours have been rife online as to the pricing of Auxo 2. Many buyers of the first Auxo tweak have been questioning if their license for the first edition will give them access to Auxo 2. Phonecruncher can confirm that this won't be the case.

Auxo 2 will be a new package and not free for buyers of Auxo 1.

Newar cleared up the confusion and told us: "Given that [Auxo 2] contains no old code, is made up of new concepts and is an iOS 7-specific tweak, it will be a new package and not free for old buyers of Auxo 1".

"However, a free Auxo Legacy Edition will arrive at a later point, which will be a more simple tweak to provide a port of the app cards from Auxo 1, to iOS 7 (via CCLoader)".

A quick and intentionally blurry view of Auxo 2's gesture controls.

We tried to get some more information out of the tweak designer regarding a release date for Auxo 2, but Newar wasn't quite ready to spill the beans just yet.

He said: "It’s impossible to say for certain when Auxo 2 will release, but QusicS and I are working hard on ensuring a release before the end of the month".

Those of us awaiting Auxo 2 will have to remain patient for just a little while longer. We were told that the tweak will be shown off in full when a final release date is announced. Until then, we'll have to keep admiring the tweak teases on Twitter.

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You can follow Newar on Twitter by clicking here, or visit his studio's page, A3Tweaks, here.