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Jailbreaking iOS 8: Will Apple's update kill Cydia tweaks?

Tom Morgan

iOS 8 looks set to overwrite many top Cydia downloads. We spoke to tweak developers to hear their thoughts on what Apple's update means for jailbreaking.

Published on Jun 4, 2014

Apple's iOS 8 unveiling has left the jailbreak community questioning what lies ahead for iPhone and iPad customisation.

The same topics are appearing online: Will iOS 8 be jailbreak-compatible? Will this latest update make downloading certain tweaks pointless? Which tweaks will become inferior?

We decided to speak to some of Cydia's most popular jailbreak tweak developers to hear their thoughts on what iOS 8 means for the future of hacking and cracking.


Newar Choukeir (Sentry), Auxo 2 developer

The original Auxo became a fan favourite back in the day, and the recent release of Auxo 2 cemented Sentry's spot as one of the most respected jailbreak tweak developers around.

We asked the Apple fanatic if he thought the arrival of iOS 8 would cause shockwaves throughout the jailbreak community.

Will the avid jailbreaking community be deterred? I don’t think so.

The tweak developer explained: "It depends on how you consider it damaging. Will certain people who used to jailbreak no longer feel a need to? Absolutely. Will the avid jailbreaking community be deterred? I don’t think so."

Sentry confirmed to Phonecruncher that he will continue work on iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks provided other creators are available to collaborate.

Sentry says interest in Auxo 2 (above) may dip when iOS 8 hits, but says it's 'to be expected'.

"I have personally been focusing more on app project work more than tweaks, ever since iOS 7's release. That will continue on iOS 8. That said, as long as there are developers to work with, there's not much standing in the way of my existing concepts eventually turning into tweaks".

Asked if he thought iOS 8 would affect sales of his iOS 7 tweaks such as Auxo and Auxo 2, Sentry told us: "Interest always dips when there isn't a jailbreak available for the latest software version, so that's to be expected".

"Likewise, statistics naturally peak on the arrival of a jailbreak for the latest release".


Carlos Perez, InCaseOf developer

The creator of emergency contact card tweak InCaseOf, Carlos Perez, told Phonecruncher that iOS 8 is unlikely to cause much of a stir for jailbreakers.

Perez said: "Although iOS 8 introduced new features that we as jailbreakers have had for a while, it's not the first or last time it'll happen. Apple has always looked at the jailbreaking community and "stolen" ideas that originated from us".

Although Apple did add features from tweaks I've come to love, they didn't implement them as thoroughly as jailbreak developers have.

Comparing features found in iOS 8 with existing jailbreak tweaks, the developer said: "Although Apple did add features from tweaks I've come to love, they didn't implement them as thoroughly as jailbreak developers have".

"The introduction of iOS8 isn't perfect, either. There will always be room for improvement".

InCaseOf (Above) was heavily inspired by Apple's newly-announced Healthbook app.

With Apple's Healthbook for iOS 8 on the way supporting similar functions to ICE, we asked Perez if he was worried his work would be in vain.

"If Apple doesn't make for an easy way for someone to access emergency information on a password-locked device, than the fact it's available in Healthbook seems almost pointless as the information won't be readily available if a critical situation occurs".

"I'm sure sales [for ICE] might suffer but I'm also certain that many of us will be staying behind on iOS 7 until a jailbreak arrives for iOS 8. In the meantime, I'll fill the void with my tweak and look into enhancing Apple's implementation when it's time to add iOS 8 compatibility".

The ICE creator is looking forward to playing with iOS 8, adding: "Hopefully it won't take too long for a public jailbreak to be made, I've already got some ideas".


Phillip Tennen (Codyd51), Helius and Orangered developer

Phillip Tenne, creator of popular album art tweak Helius and Reddit client Orangered, told Phonecruncher that jailbreaking isn't dead just yet.

Until Apple gives us unrestricted access to the devices we pay for, I don't think jailbreaking will go away.

He said: "With every iOS release, there will be people who no longer see the need to jailbreak and migrate over to stock".

"However, that being said, there are always those who see the need for jailbreaking, and until Apple gives us unrestricted access to the devices we pay for, I don't think jailbreaking will go away".

Tennen is convinced that iOS 8 isn't enough to kill tweaks such as Helius (above) for good.

With his past tweaks for iOS 7 going down so well within the jailbreaking community, Tennen remains confident that he'll be working on iOS 8 downloads in the future.

"No matter how many features Apple adds, there will always be things that simply can't be done on a stock iPhone. I definitely see myself developing more tweaks for iOS 8".

Tennen discussed Apple's obsession with jailbreaking, explaining: "With every [iOS] release, Apple takes the most popular features from the jailbreak community and implements them into iOS. This year, they took inspiration (for quick-reply texting) from Auki, along with keyboard tweaks such as Octopus Keyboard, Nin and BioLockdown".

As to whether the arrival of iOS 8 will affect sales of his own tweaks, Codyd51 admitted: "I know my sales won't be great for several months until a jailbreak [for iOS 8] comes around, but I remain optimistic for the future".


Do you think iOS 8 has the power to kill jailbreaking? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @Phonecruncher.



Will Apple's latest update damage the jailbreak community?

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