Apple Pay is now widely available in the UK with today’s somewhat bumpy addition of HSBC and First Direct cards to the mobile payment system.

One tip that we’ve discovered is that if you are worried about using Apple Pay while in a queue – for instance at London Underground ticket gates – you can pre-authorise your iPhone to ensure Apple Pay operates quickly and effectively.

This guarantees that the app is ready to go and that TouchID has been activated successfully. Of course, you may still have to enter your iPhone passcode if you have bee

How to pre-authorise Apple Pay payments

  • Open Passbook on your iPhone
  • Select the card you want to use (if more than one card has been added)
  • Place a finger on the TouchID sensor
  • The onscreen message will change to ‘Hold near reader to pay’
  • Your iPhone is now primed to pay with Apple Pay for the next 60 seconds

Note: when iOS 9 lands, you’ll be able to go straight to Apple Pay by tapping the home button twice.

And here’s an animated gif showing the Apple Pay pre-load process in action.

Apple Pay animated gif

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