You can now use a console controller with your phone. Follow our guide on iOS gaming and you'll be hitting those high-scores in no time.

The jailbreaking community manages to surprise us with innovative new applications and tweaks every day.

Today, with the help of Cydia tweak 'Controllers for All', we're diving into the world of iOS gaming - with a controller.

Thanks to this hack from Israeli developer Cjori, you can play your favourite iOS handheld titles with a PS3 Sixaxis controller, a PS3 Dualshock controller and even a PS4 Dualshock controller.

Here's how to do it:


1) Download Controllers for All from Cydia

To use Controllers for All you'll need a jailbroken iOS device. At the time of writing, game emulation for factory Apple devices is very limited.

You can find the tweak by Cjori in the Cydia store under the Modmyi repo. Controllers for All will set you back $2, but that's a fair price considering the tweak is regularly updated.

Support for more controllers for the tweak is said to be 'in the works', so if you don't own a PlayStation controller you're out of luck for the time being.

2) Download SixPair to link your controller and iOS device

Once you've downloaded Controllers for All through Cydia, the next step is to pair your devices.

This next step is probably the most time-consuming in our guide, but it shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes.

Download SixPair HERE and launch the tool. When the pop-up window appears on your PC / MAC, plug in both your controller and your iOS device. SixPair will tell you if it has registered that both of these are plugged in correctly and functioning.

Plug in both your controller and your iOS device into the computer and away you go.

Installing the tool on Windows is one step longer than on Mac. You'll need to tell SixPair your Bluetooth address, which you can find in your device settings. Head to Settings, then General, then About, and then Bluetooth. Enter the required information on your desktop.

Once that's sorted, the next step is to click the Pair button. Wait a couple of seconds until SixPair tells you the process is complete.

3) Pick and download / launch a controller-enabled game

Obviously, not everything on Apple's App Store is controller-supported, but thankfully there's a simple way of checking compatible titles.

A Google search will go some way to helping you find games that work with a controller, but we recommend trying out the PhoneJoy app.

Essentially, Phonejoy provides you a list of titles in Apple's App Store that'll function with your PlayStation controller.

If you're feeling lazy, you can simply have a look at this thread on Reddit to see a collection of controller-enabled titles. Note that this list isn't updated as regularly as the PhoneJoy app, though. It's also not a complete list.

Dead Trigger 2 was easily our favourite game to use with a controller.

Once you've found a game, download it from the App Store and load it up. Every time you load up the game, your iOS device will take a couple of seconds to recognise the PlayStation controller.

You'll be told to press the PS button on the controller to begin the pairing process and once that's complete you'll be notified once more.

4) Get gaming

We tried out a number of different titles to put Controllers for All through its paces and were pleasantly surprised.

Input lag was practically non-existent on all of the games we tried. Surprisingly, this was even the case when trying out Dead Trigger 2, which is a 500MB graphically-intensive monster.

Dead Trigger 2 does a good job of telling you how to use your controller to fight off the undead.

Dead Trigger 2 is an example of an iOS title that takes full advantage of both of the PlayStation controller's analogue sticks. We tried Controllers for All with Dead Trigger on an iPhone 4 and it essentially felt like playing a FPS game on a really small screened console.

Of course, not every game will utilise the controller's sticks. Each title has its own unique controller layout and sometimes you'll be asked to use the face buttons instead.

We can see Controller's for All being far more pleasant to use on larger screened devices like the iPad.

If you're feeling daring you can use an adapter cable in conjunction with Controllers for All to display your game screen on a TV. It's all impressive stuff, in a nerdy sort of way.

What are your thoughts on controller-enabled gaming? Is this a cool tweak, or a pointless one? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @Phonecruncher.