Apple has allegedly revoked the press privileges of Computer Bild – a populist German tech website – after it posted a video showing a journalist bending an iPhone 6 Plus.

Computer Bild claims that a manager from Apple’s German office contacted the site and said it would no longer receive review products or invites to Apple press events.

The video in question showed a Computer Bild reporter deliberately bending the iPhone 6 Plus so the case warped and the side power button broke – or ‘est kaput’ (see below)

The reporter then tried to do the same damage to a Samsung Note 3 – which has 8.3mm thick plastic chassis compared with the iPhone 6 Plus’s 7.1mm thick aluminium case. He was unable to cause any bending to the Note 3.

Of course, this is not a scientific test of ‘bendability’ – the closest we’ve come to that has come from the Consumer Reports site. This conducted comparative tests of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, HTC One M8, iPhone 5, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 under scientifically sound conditions.

The results found the HTC One – almost universally championed for its build quality – to be the least sturdy of the phones under pressure, followed by the iPhone 6 and then the 6 Plus. However it concluded that “While nothing is (evidently) indestructible, we expect that any of these phones should stand up to typical use.”

Results of Consumer Reports smartphone bend test

Model Deformation Case separation
HTC One (M8) 31.8kg 40.8kg
Apple iPhone 6 31.8kg 45.4kg
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 40.8kg 49.9kg
LG G3 59.0kg 59.0kg
Apple iPhone 5 59.0kg 68.0kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 68.0kg 68.0kg

Meanwhile, Computer Bild editor-in-chief Axel Telzerow has sent an open letter to Apple chief executive Tim Cook. In it, he claims the moral high ground which will amuse anyone familiar with Bild’s media output:

“We are quite dismayed about Apple’s reaction, we won’t give up our principles: We will continue our incorruptible tests that have the same high reputation in the german media-landscape as Apple has for its products.”

we won’t give up our principles: We will continue our incorruptible tests – Computer Bild

Tim Cook has yet to make a reply. We won’t hold our breath for one, either.