Gorilla Glass 4, the latest version of Corning’s gadget cover glass, is official.

Said to be the most effective smartphone display protector to come from the company, the folk over at Corning have shown off the new tech via a series of promo videos featuring some cheeky chimps.

Corning chimps fighting over a Gorilla Glass-equipped mobile.

Announced via Corning’s website, a company spokesperson said: “The sick feeling of dropping a phone and breaking the screen is all too common, which is why Corning’s top scientists performed thousands of hours of tests to understand how and why glass breaks when dropped”.

Gorilla Glass 4 is just as thin and light as previous versions and has been formulated to deliver dramatically improved damage resistance

“Then we developed a way to deliver dramatically improved performance against drops on rough surfaces. How dramatic? In lab tests, Gorilla Glass 4 withstood such drops up to 2X better than competitive glass designs”.

Corning’s drop tests, which it claims are the ‘toughest in the industry’, were conducted on ‘rough surfaces’ and ‘jagged streets’ to ensure the product was truly put through its paces.

According to statistics on Corning’s website, over 33 major brands support the screen protector material.

Over 3 billion devices worldwide come fitted with Corning’s past Gorilla Glass builds.

Whilst this latest version of Gorilla Glass is just as thin and light as previous versions, Gorilla Glass 4 ‘has been formulated to deliver dramatically improved damage resistance’.

Benefits include enhanced retained strength after use, improved drop performance and ‘superior’ surface quality.

A handy tool covering smartphones, tablets and notebooks also reveals which products are supported.

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