Shopomo, a ground-breaking new shopping search engine free from advertising and intrusive data tracking, has been rolled out in a beta launch in the UK this week.

The search engine – found at – breaks new ground because it is entirely focused on delivering accurate, objective results and is totally free from confusing and distracting listings that are paid for by advertisers.

Although the website is fully responsive, native mobile versions of Shopomo are due out later this month on the iOS and Android platforms. We will review them as soon as we can.

Shopomo home page
Shopomo hopes the absence of ads and paid listings will give it an edge

The Shopomo search engine is powered by Ve – one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK – and although still in beta already has over 1000 retailers and 10 million products listed.

Among the household names signed up are Nike, Disney, Matalan, Boots, Waitress, Cadbury and Samsung, along with online giants such as Amazon and

Ve believes that there is a real opportunity to launch a totally unbiased shopping comparison search tool that highlights the results that users are looking for rather than those that clients have paid sites like Google Shopping to highlight or retailers like Amazon want you to see.

A recent report by the US consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog found that prices for paid results on Google Shopping were up to 67% higher than the same product on rival shopping search sites.

Meanwhile Amazon recently gained unwelcome publicity for its decision to delist the Apple TV and Google Chromecast set-top boxes because they did not run its Amazon Prime streaming video service.  Both product lines had been among the top 10 best sellers in the set-top box category, indicating Amazon’s decision was putting its own interests ahead of the consumer’s.

Piggy-backing on Ve’s existing platform, which is used by over 10,000 companies across the planet, means that Shopomo can offer much more than an index of merchant’s product catalogue in a feed. For instance, it has real-time access to shopping baskets so it know which things are actually being bought by customers at any given moment.

Similarly, Shopomo’s unique ability to plug into social sharing data for products across a range of websites means that that also it also has its own insights into what products are being shared on the main social networks.