Price: $1.99

Author: DarkMalloc

iOS versions: ‘Requires iOS 7’

Description: “Weasel is a system-wide search and shortcut utility”.


What does it do?

Weasel serves as a search engine for iOS and reminds us of Apple’s Spotlight feature, which allows you to search your device for a specific application or term.

Weasel offers more than Spotlight, though, giving you the option to search Ebay, Wikipedia, Amazon and Google from anywhere on your gadget.

Using Weasel, you can also search for contacts, albums and songs, open specific applications, make calculations and also perform commands such as rebooting your device or turning off Bluetooth.

Here we are using Weasel to search for the keyword ‘iPhone’.

There’s also a handy dictionary feature within Weasel. Type ‘define’ before your search term and a screen will pop up with all the information you need.

Before you can use Weasel, you must assign a custom gesture to the command using Cydia tweak, Activator.

Why would I want it?

Having a search engine accessible from literally anywhere on your iOS device can only be a good thing.

How do I get it?

Weasel is available to download from the BigBoss repo, which comes as a default source with Cydia.

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